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  • With the automatic chocolate molding machine, quick and efficient polycarbonate molds can be automatically filled and smoothed.
  • The machine works in combination with our separately available wheel or casting machine with a capacity of 50 kg or 100 kg.
  • Liquid chocolate is transported by a wheel to the nozzle.
  • The form filling machine brings the forms perfectly under the pouring nozzle and ensures that they are automatically smoothed.
  • The machine is available in two versions, namely for polycarbonate forms of 135 x 275 mm or of 175 x 275 mm. The maximum height of the molds is 30 mm.
  • This machine fills 300 molds per hour!
  • Automatic or semi-automatic
  • The machine can be controlled with an included foot pedal. In that case a new shape is introduced after pressing the foot pedal. In the other case, it works fully automatically.
  • Optionally available:
  • Vibration table: Price on request. (see picture)
  • Heating element with two heat lamps (extendable to three lamps): Price on request see photo
  • Technical data:
  • Length: 1548 mm
  • Width: series 1000 310mm series 2000 350mm
  • Height: 682 mm
  • Weight: 1000: 32 kg series 2000: 33.5 kg series (excluding vibrating table and / or heating)
  • Warehouse: 23 forms
  • Capacity: 300 forms per hour (max)
  • Drive: 90W electric motor
  • Speed ​​infinitely adjustable
  • Voltage: 230Vac (other voltage on request)
  • Can be placed on a 50 kg + 100 kg wheel machine
  • Operation: semi-automatically or form by form
  • Double scrapers (top + sides)
  • Electrical part removable without tools.
  • Can be put in dishwasher (after removing engine)
  • Detachable exit slider
  • Completely built from stainless steel

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