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Junior tabletop conveyor glazer

SKU: 9108

 8 900,00 excl. BTW

Compact Technology – Easy Handling

The Junior Tabletop Conveyor Glazer is our compact solution for evenly finished bakery products in confectioner’s quality. It is easy to handle, versatile, and perfect for craftsman-like working bakeries and seasonal promotional products.

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  • High quality pastries – day after day
  • Minimum footprint (< 0.5 sqm)
  • Easy, safe operation by semi-skilled staff
  • Versatile and mobile
  • High glazing output (up to 40 pastries/min.)
  • HACCP-compliant and dishwasher safe

Suitable for:

  • Icing / Glazing
  • Spinning
  • Sheet Cake Glazing
  • Blowing down Excess Material