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Melting boiler, 150 kg NEW MODEL 2019 !!!!

SKU: 9018

 8 500,00 excl. BTW

Melting boiler for 150 kg of chocolate. Accurately adjustable and stable temperatures with digital thermostat.

ref. 9018

Melting boiler for 150 kg chocolate. 

The Melting boiler has a digital thermostat allowing accurate regulation of the desired temperature.


  • Curb weight: 185 Kg
  • Dimensions: max height: 1170 mm max width: 660 mm max depth: 880 mm
  • Content kettle: 120L 150 kg chocolate (filled up to 10 cm from the top)
  • Agitator: scrapes over the entire side wall and bottom.
    Agitator removable without tools.
  • Agitator removable without tools.
    Heating: the entire side wall and floor are heated.
    Total heating power: 2500W.
  • Agitator drive: motor gear unit mounted on the bottom.
    Agitator power: 0.55Kw.
    The speed of the agitator is continuously adjustable.
  • The maximum heating temperature of the product is 90 °.
  • The boiler comes standard with adjustable legs and wheel platform.
  • Boiler works with 230Vac mono supply voltage.
  • Total electrical power: 3100W.
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