Chocolate melters

Table top melters are designed for the melting and tempering of smaller volumes of couverture in artisanal or in semi-industrial environments with quick changing production needs.

Strong, lightweight and with removable stainless steel dishes, they are easy to maintain and to operate, ensuring continuous productivity and secure preservation of the unique characteristics of the couverture.

Dry heat

Mol d’Art melting devices are built to handle your chocolate with care. Secure and slow melting at low temperature are critical for the quality of the final product. Therefore, an electronic induction heating device is used. No water is used – not only reducing the risk of polluting high quality couverture with water, but also increasing the accuracy and stability of the electronic temperature control.

Accurate temperature control

The heating device is mounted on both the bottom and sides for gently and evenly heating of the removable stainless steel dish. Temperature can easily be set in a range from 5 to 65 degrees Celsius. A build in electronic thermostat precisely holds desired temperatures. The devices are known to be extremely stable, making them suitable for chocolate tempering.


All devices have a lightweight strong plastic body construction and state of the art integrated electronic circuits. They come completely with a removable stainless steel dish for easy handling of melted and tempered chocolate during further processing. A strong plastic removable lid is also included to protect the chocolate from unwanted environmental influences during processing or melting overnight.


  • Design, electronics and construction ensure preservation of the characteristics of the couverture.
  • Easy to operate and to maintain.
  • Indirect induction heating for greater safety, hygiene and secure temperature control at every stage of the production process.
  • Accurate settings of desired temperature.
  • Low power consumption

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