Perfect chocolates: the result of craftsmanship, the knowledge of chocolate and the art of technology!

Each machine that leaves the factory of Belgian based Mol d’Art is a product of craftsmanship. It is not only built according the highest industrial standards and requirements: above all it is designed and developed with the needs of the professional chocolatier in mind. At Mol d’Art we have a thorough knowledge of all the processes involved in the confection of the finest chocolates.

Our main concern: high-quality solutions tailored to your needs and your budget!


Mol d’Art ships worldwide. To order online you must have a delivery address in the European Community. However, non EC residents can order our products by mail or by phone. Feel free to mail our customer service at or make a phone call to +32 (0)13 33 41 77 for a detailed quote.


NEW in our product range!

We constantly update our range at the request of you as a customer. Regularly we can introduce your novelties to our machines, cavity molds and packaging materials. All our products are developed with a view to quality and durability. We are particularly proud of the following novelties in our range:  Expansion gamma presentation dishes Chocolate […]

Mol d’Art: the choice of professionals!

Thirty years ago, Jozef Vanelven introduced the first melting machine based on induction heating. Nowadays his automatic tempering machines and molding machines are used worldwide. Vanelven’s drive for innovation led him to the development of a new cooling tunnel where chocolates and confectionary gradually and indirectly are cooled to the desired temperature. Mol d’Art is also […]

New: automatic moulding machine

The automatic moulding machine is an extension to the tempering machine 9002. Affordable Efficiency The Mol d’Art automatic moulding machine stands apart for its consistent quality and performance during operation. It suits the need for automation in small and medium production environments. More? Read more about the automatic moulding machine of Mol d’Art.

The ideal chocolate melter for home

Small chocolate melter designed for quickly changing production needs of different types of chocolate in smaller quantities. It is designed for melting and bringing small batches of chocolate in temper. This small chocolate melter suits the need for small batches of tempered chocolate when creating chocolate decorations, for making candy or for dipping smaller items. […]

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