Chocolate melting, tempering and molding

The characteristics of chocolate are easily affected by environmental factors. This complicates the processing, increasing the demand of dedicated craftsmanship and state-of-the-art chocolate machinery.

With this knowledge, each of our machines is designed and securely manufactured. State of the art engineering and the use of high quality materials and electronic components, ensures stable and evenly melted and tempered chocolate that is needed for further processing. After all: your perfect praline is our biggest concern and our mission.

Chocolate machines with brains

Melting, tempering and molding couvertures into perfect chocolates, asks a lot of knowledge, experience and dedication.  Chocolate is a delicate substance with complex and unique characteristics that are easily negatively affected during processing. The design and development of chocolate machines for melting, tempering and molding can’t be done without a thorough knowledge of chocolate and of its behavior during melting and tempering processes. The vulnerability of chocolate in terms of taste, gloss and crispness not only requires dedicated craftsmanship: also state of the art chocolate machinery is a prerequisite for the production of perfect chocolates in the finest Belgian tradition.

If you need to temper only small quantity of chocolate: look once at

Chocolate machines for different production needs

Each chocolate melter, tempering-, molding- or enrobing machine that leaves the Mol d’Art factory, is built with the knowledge, experience and dedication of the greatest chocolate masters in mind. Made for different capacities and for quickly changing production needs, Mol d’Art chocolate machinery dramatically reduces production costs. And even more: every machine can easily be adapted to your specific production needs. By design and by realization: every Mol d’Art chocolate machine stands for durability, easy operation and easy maintenance.

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Chocolate melting

Melting chocolate should be done slowly and at low temperature. If the temperature of the chocolate becomes too high, its flavors disappear and the couverture becomes grainy and dull.

Chocolate machines for molding

Compared to manual filling of chocolate molds, molding machines dramatically increase the production capacity of fine chocolates. Molding is done quickly and efficiently through a rotating wheel with infinitely adjustable speed, transporting the melted chocolate to the molds. Molding machines of Mol d’Art suits the need for the processing of larger amounts of melted and tempered chocolate, and all this under perfect conditions.

The molding machine is based on an electric indirect heating device. The produced warmth is evenly conducted through the entire surface of the container, resulting in evenly melting. Combined with an integrated stirring device at the bottom of the tank, even larger volumes of chocolate can be tempered easily.