Praline moulds

Praline moulds not only have a unique shape, they also have unique properties. Moulds made of makrolon or polycarbonate shrink slower than chocolate. This makes them particularly suitable for the production of perfect chocolates.

About polycarbonate or makrolon

Polycarbonate is a tough, hard and transparent material that can handle high temperatures. It is known under the brand name “Makrolon”.

Makrolon is transparent, particularly resistant and durable and can be used at higher temperatures. Polycarbonate is commonly used in the food industry and ideal for the production of fine chocolates.

Two series of polycarbonate moulds

The moulds in the 1000 series measure 135 x 275 mm. The moulds in the 2000 series are slightly larger: 175 x 275 mm.

All moulds of the 1000- and 2000 series can be used in conjunction with the automated moulding machine of Mol d’Art (Ref. 9041).

Assortment Praline moulds