Melting kettles

Chocolate melting and tempering kettles for processing large amounts of couverture are a great solution for chocolate enrobing lines. The range of Mol d’Art chocolate kettles offers two high capacity melters. The largest machine can handle up to 500kg of chocolates, preserving the intrinsic taste and properties of the highest quality couvertures.

Tempering is a delicate process: under imperfect conditions aroma, texture and taste of the final product are easily lost. Time, temperature and movement are the major players in the process. Melting kettles of Mol d’Art ensures the right temperature and the necessary movement for the formation of stable crystals, needed to start the tempering process.

The melting kettles of Mol d’Art are designed as melting and tempering devices where large amounts of tempered couverture are needed.

Main features of the melting kettles:

  • Double stainless steel jacket and closed water circuit
  • Perfectly stable temperature of the water
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Integrated and solid mixer mechanism




Assortment Melting kettles